Carl Meyer

      Advanced Analytics 502

      Linear Algebra

When & Where

3:00-4:15pm   M W,   Fall Semester

IAA Classroom : Fourth Floor, Venture II building on NCSU Centennial Campus


Prof. Carl D. Meyer     4228 SAS Hall
Text Book

Matrix Analysis and Applied Linear Algebra by C. D. Meyer

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PREREQUISITE:   Some familiarity with elementary matrix manipulations is required.

PRE-COURSE TUTORIAL:   Someone on the IAA staff will be conducting a pre-course tutorial and review of material contained in the first three chapters of the the text book. See the course outline for the pre-course topics, and see the homework assignments for problems that your are responsible for.

Exam, Grading Policy, & Homework

ATTENDANCE:   It's required, especially on exam day (a make-exam is generally not possible)

GRADE:   Determined primarily by the exam score

BUMPS:   Grades can be bumped upward by participation in class discussions

HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS:   Homework is not collected, but it is the basis for questions appearing on the exam. It is necessary to do the homework on a daily basis---teamwork is allowed and encouraged.

EXAM:   There is one 75 minute closed book exam graded on a 100 point scale. The exam problems will be a subset of five to ten questions selected from the homework assignments.

Course Outline & Schedule Of Events



FIRST CLASS:   August 20 (Wednesday)

HOLIDAY:   September 1 (Monday)

EXAM: (75 min):   September 17 (Wednesday)