Carl Meyer

MA 723

Theory Of Matrices and Applications

When & Where

3:00-4:15 pm,   T H   Spring, 2014

2225 SAS Hall


Prof. Carl D. Meyer

4228 SAS Hall

Text Book

Matrix Analysis and Applied Linear Algebra by C. D. Meyer

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Enrolling & Prerequisites

Enrolling:   You must do it through Registration & Records Enrollment (Registration). If the class is full, then there is nothing that I can do to override the system. Please do not ask---I do not have the authority to give you permission to enroll

Prerequisites:   MA 523

MA 520 (maybe---depends on what was done)

Exams & Grading Policy

EITHER ONE OR TWO REGULAR EXAMS:   1 class period, closed book, each worth 100pts.

FINAL EXAM:   3 hr comprehensive, closed book, and worth 200pts.

MAKE-UP EXAMS:   Make-up exams are generally not allowed.   Attendance on scheduled exam days is absolutely mandatory!

ATTENDANCE:   It's required

GRADES:   Determined primarily by exam scores.

BUMPS:   Grades can be bumped downward by unexcused absences.
Grades can be bumped upward by participation in class discussions.

HOMEWORK:   Homework is assigned at the end of each lecture.
On designated "homework days," students present randomly selected homework problems to the class. This is how your homework is graded. Homework is the basis for questions appearing on the exams.


Schedule Of Events

FIRST MA723 CLASS:   January 7 (Tuesday)

EXAM:   February 13 (Thursday)

SPRING BREAK:   March 10-14 (Mon-Fri)

LAST DAY TO DROP:   March 3 (Monday)

EXAM:   April 10 (Thursday)

NO CLASS   (Spring Holiday) April 17 (Thursday)

LAST MA723 CLASS:   April 23 (Tuesday)

FINAL EXAM:   May 1 (Thursday) 1:00-4:00 p.m.


Grades, Exam Scores, and Solutions

FINAL GRADES:    Course grades will be posted on the MYPACK Portal site that can be found at the NCSU Registration & Records web site. Once you have entered your unity account and password in MyPack Portal and are admitted, click the FOR STUDENTS tab and select Academic Records --- from there select View My Grades.



EXAM 3 (without solutions)

Outline & References

Course Outline

References other than the text

  • Theory of Matrices by P. Lancaster
  • Linear Algebra And Its Applications by Gilbert Strang
  • Matrix Analysis & Topics In Matrix Analysis by R. Horn and C. Johnson
  • Matrix Theory, Vols. I and II by F. Gantmacher